Move from reactionary/transactional based IT to transformational leadership in a secure manner

As the Chief Information Officer (CIO), VP of Information Technology (IT), or Director of IT, you are looked upon to innovate and grow the company through technology. Instead of a role that is reactionary or transactional, you would like to position yourself as a transformational leader.

Your Goals

  • Identify and minimize security risk with new technology while cutting costs
  • Keep up with high demand and workload with limited staff
  • Use analytics to make better, informed decisions across the business
  • Manage increased demand for mobile functionality and device governance
  • Keep up with rapid technology innovation to match new business growth initiatives

How Arbela Can Help

  • Leverage business intelligence technology to optimize reserves, manage risk, comply with regulations
  • Modernize core systems and transition to cloud, consolidate multiple platforms
  • Focus IT efforts on value add vs. operational needs by shifting workload to the cloud
  • Native mobile capabilities embedded with Dynamics 365 & PowerApps
  • Reduce security exposure through trusted cloud applications and security reporting

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Leverage Business Intelligence & Analytics

In today's business environment, data is king.  Access to the right information at the right time is critical.  Combined with predictive & prescriptive analytics, your analytics maturity will give you the insights to optimize your reserves, manage risk, comply with regulations, and support better decision making.

Arbela Analytics Maturity Assessment

To determine where you are on your Analytics Roadmap - we have an analytics maturity assessment.  Across 5 major categories we will determine the maturity of your organization and begin to form a roadmap on how to advanced your analytics journey. Learn more.

Your Partners in Digital Transformation

Arbela works with our customers on their digital transformation journey. Technology is evolving rapidly, and understanding how can you best take advantage of it within your organization is our specialty. We offer multiple maturity assessments to first evaluate your current state and secondly to serve as the starting point for a roadmap of your digital transformation journey.

We can help you:

Engage Customers

We help you rethink customer engagement, build fans of your products and services and engagement through the full 360-degree customer lifecycle

Empower Employees

Empowerment of employees, operational information in productivity applications, delivering engaging HR experience

Optimize Operations

Rethink operational optimization, improve utilization with IoT, leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics

Transform Products & Services

Rethink product and service transformation, utilize data to enter new markets, prioritize agility