VP Marketing

Demand on your marketing team for analytic driven decisions, trend analysis, and creative marketing across multiple platforms in order to increase the customer experience

Leading your marketing team to deliver intelligent and data-driven marketing campaigns and ideas can be difficult. 

Some of the challenges we see the VP of Marketing facing are:

  • Trend analysis on product/service mixes
  • Marketing automation and execution across multiple platforms
  • Listening and monitoring of brand across marketing platforms
  • Pressure to deliver more leads with less investment
  • Evolving demands across the customer journey
  • Rapid technology changes and determination of where to focus marketing dollars for highest impact
  • Lack of consolidation of analytical data
  • Trial and error, best practice mindset for marketing
  • ROI on all marketing programs

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Leverage Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

Whether you have a desire to manage your brand, lead nurturing campaigns and inbound marketing, or gain insights into your marketing conversions and ROI, Arbela has a marketing team ready to assist you.  Arbela's Marketing as a Service (MaaS) offering allows our customers to utilize our digital marketing experts to advance your marketing initiatives and integrate with your sales team to increase leads and conversions.

Lead Scoring

Establish revenue goals, business rules, and build a strategic plan that allows your sales team to focus only on high-quality leads and improve conversion opportunities.

Buyers Personas

Evaluation of the contacts in your database to uncover trends about how certain leads or customers can find and consume your content.

Automated Programs

Implement ongoing, and intelligent automated nurture campaigns to nurture your leads effectively using best practices. Set it and forget it.

Website Integration

Integrate your contact forms, landing pages and expose your content through your website, linked and tracked to your marketing tool.

Your Partners in Digital Transformation

Arbela works with our customers on their digital transformation journey. Technology is evolving rapidly, and understanding how can you best take advantage of it within your organization is our specialty. We offer multiple maturity assessments to first evaluate your current state and secondly to serve as the starting point for a roadmap of your digital transformation journey.

We can help you:

Engage Customers

We help you rethink customer engagement, build fans of your products and services and engagement through the full 360-degree customer lifecycle

Empower Employees

Empowerment of employees, operational information in productivity applications, delivering engaging HR experience

Optimize Operations

Rethink operational optimization, improve utilization with IoT, leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics

Transform Products & Services

Rethink product and service transformation, utilize data to enter new markets, prioritize agility