VP Sales

Change internal sales culture by demanding higher levels of experience combined with a younger workforce.

As Vice President (VP) of Sales, Sales Director, or Sales Manager, your primary initiative is driving revenue growth and increasing customer satisfaction. More customers are demanding higher levels of experience on your sales staff, so there is a need for increased collaboration tools for improved access to real-time customer and sales information.

Your Goals

  • Integrate data for account reps to service customers immediately
  • Create a nimble and mobile workforce with the most innovative tools
  • Drive better decision making with sales management and staff
  • Evaluate sales and customer trends across product offerings
  • More visibility and insight on leads and opportunities to increase close rates, reduce time to close

How Arbela Can Help

  • Solutions to help support increasing mobile requirements of sales workforce
  • Provide account reps the right information to service customer inquiries on the spot
  • Analytics solutions with data to determine market and customer trends
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to drive recommendations for up/cross sell, scoring on opportunities
  • Implement solution to facilitate customer feedback loop, enable customers to self service

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Turn Relationships Into Revenue

Work smarter and win faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Bring digital intelligence into each deal, so you can predict customer needs—and meet them with personal attention that builds relationships and revenue. Dynamics 365 for Sales will be integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, giving your sales team access and insights to a powerful database of over 500 million professionals. Identify the right leads and find key decision makers while building stronger customer relationships. Learn more.

Your Partners in Digital Transformation

Arbela works with our customers on their digital transformation journey. Technology is evolving rapidly, and understanding how can you best take advantage of it within your organization is our specialty. We offer multiple maturity assessments to first evaluate your current state and secondly to serve as the starting point for a roadmap of your digital transformation journey.

Areas we focus on are:

Engaging Customers

We help you rethink customer engagement, build fans of your products and services and engagement through the full 360-degree customer lifecycle

Empower Employees

Empowerment of employees, operational information in productivity applications, delivering engaging HR experience

Optimize Operations

Rethink operational optimization, improve utilization with IoT, leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics

Transform Products & Services

Rethink product and service transformation, utilize data to enter new markets, prioritize agility