App Development

Custom applications based on your requirements with the latest technology.

Evolve With Modern Applications

At Arbela, we can build and deploy customized business applications that make the most of the cloud, supporting integration with your existing backend systems. Enable more business innovation by modernizing your legacy applications and platform so you can connect with modern applications and mobile devices — reaching more customers, increasing margins, and reducing operational costs.  Arbela leverages Microsoft PowerApps and native mobile applications built into Dynamics 365 to rapidly create unique products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations Manufacturing Video

PowerApps - Rapidly Create Apps for the Enterprise

Turn your business expertise into solutions with ease. Give people what they need to drive results.  Connect PowerApps to any of your Dynamics 365 data sources or any other source Microsoft Flow supports. 

Connections include SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Common Data Service, SQL Server, Custom API's and Office 365.  Determine the business application your users desire and rapidily create and deploy on any mobile device or tablet.

Common Data Service - Advanced Data Service

The Common Data Service is a secure business data platform built into PowerApps. It comes with hundreds of standard business entities already defined, which means that now all your apps can share the same definition of “customer,” “product,” “lead,” and more. The service also includes workflow automation with Microsoft Flow.