BI & Analytics as a Service

Business Intelligence & Analytics as a Service

Advanced your analytics maturityBusiness Intelligence & Analytics as a Service (BIAaaS)

Arbela's BI & Analytics as a Service (BIAaaS) allows our clients to utilize our BI and Analytics experts to advance their analytic complexity level and create new possibilities for their organization. 

Analytics is a journey, not a destination.  In order to be effective with your corporate analytics, you need to evolve them as your business evolves and grows.  Our team of expert data scientists, data warehouse designers, report design, and analytic analysts will guide your organization through its analytics evolution.  Align your strategies with analytics execution by leveraging our experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own analytics team.

“JMP has had an excellent working relationship with the Arbela BI & Analytics team. Arbela was able to lead us in determining our exact needs and provided the solution that exceeded all our expectations. They were able to connect with multiple management and sales team members at JMP to answer critical questions and find out how we could best use the data we had in a way that would maximize our efficiencies and ultimately lead to increased sales. ”

- Jason Clifton, VP of Sales

What Happens Next is Important

How do you advanced your analytics story once your implementation has gone live and the experts have left the building?  Arbela's answer is to offer BI & Analytics as a Service, where our experts are available to you on a fractionalized basis per month to build upon business intelligence you have started.  Haven't started yet?  No problem we can get you started quickly with our Arbela Data Insights solution. 

We work with you to determine your reporting and analytical requirements each month.  Whether it's developing additional descriptive analytics or starting down the road of predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our team of data warehouse, visualization and data scientists are ready for your next value added analytics project.  As your business shifts - we are there every step of the way to ensure you have the data to make accurate decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Analytics Maturity

Understanding how mature your organizations analytics will assist in understanding what and where you need to invest to move from an ad-hoc to pervasive maturity level.  Arbela has developed a maturity assessment that will guide you to determine where your organization sits across multiple categories such as governance, organization, infrastructure, data management and analytics.

Our Approach to Building BI & Analytics

Staying Ahead of Curve Advanced Analytics