BI & Analytics

Turn relevant and timely business data into actionable insights.

Analytics Journey From Descriptive to PredictiveAdvance your Analytics Journey

BI (business intelligence) and analytics within your company is a journey. Starting out with the right solution such as Arbela Data Insights (ADI) enables your organization to rapidly accelerate from Reporting to Monitoring.  ADI connects to the applications that you have deployed today, including Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and legacy Dynamics AX 2012.  Insights include historical trending, drill-down reporting, and improved insights into your operational and financial business needs. With Arbela Data Insights, there is a single source of the truth for your analytical data.

“James M. Pleasants Company has had an excellent working relationship with the Arbela BI & Analytics team. They were able to lead us in determining our exact needs and provided the solution that exceeded all our expectations. Arbela was able to connect with multiple management and sales team members at JMP to answer critical questions and find out how we could best use the data we had in a way that would maximize our efficiencies and ultimately lead to increased sales. I look forward to working with the Arbela team again in the future. ”

- Jason Clifton, VP of Sales

Analytics Maturity Assessment

By assessing our customers' analytics maturity, we can gain a solid understanding of where they are in their analytics lifecycle.  This provides you with a more focused effort through our analytics roadmap that can drive value faster into your organization.

Data Exploration and Preparation Phases allow us to establish data governance rules for initial BI rollouts, while the ADI foundation provides a solid footing to your define and create a process for analytics.

When you have mastered the descriptive level of analytics, Arbela's in-house Data Scientists are ready to assist you with your advanced analytics requirements, developing predictive and prescriptive insights for your business to gain you the competitive edge.

Our Approach to Building Business Intelligence & Analytics

Approach Building Business Intelligence Analytics

Better Data Warehouse Design

You want to design your data warehouse so it supports data that your users can trust while supporting growth as you grow from a descriptive analytics through predictive analytics to prescriptive.  We leverage the Kimball Design Methodology principals and work with you to determine the right structure to support your short term and long term business intelligence needs.  With our ADI data warehouse for Dynamics 365 and extract logic - you can rapidly get started on your analytics journey and start providing value in a short timeframe. 

Bring Your Data to Life

Presenting analytics in a meaningful way that tells the user a story, starting at the summary level and allowing drill throughs into the data to provide answers to the questions that drive your business. This information can now be accessed whenever and wherever you want, whether it's on mobile, laptop, or embedded into your applications. In addition, you can use pre-packaged content packs and built-in connectors to quickly bring in data from third party sources. Power BI provides stunning visualizations and dashboards that offer a consolidated live view of your organization. If you are an analyst, Power BI desktop provides a free-form canvas for drag-and-drop data exploration as well as an extensive library of interactive visualizations, simple report creation, and fast publishing to the Power BI service.

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Advanced Analytics

Staying Ahead of Curve Advanced AnalyticsOur in-house data scientists can assist you with developing unique algorithms that can predict and prescribe for you.  Some examples of how we have help customers:

  • Lead and Opportunity scoring based on credit rating, customer profile and adjacent consumer historical similarities combined with seasonality
  • Dynamic Price changes depending on the proximity of the customer to competition & past purchase history
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Preventative maintenance calculations - minimizing downtime of production equipment
  • Upsell / Cross-sell product recommendation engines