Digital Transformation

Innovate and transform every part of your business with intelligent applications.

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Arbela works with our customers on their digital transformation journey. Technology is evolving rapidly, and understanding how can you best take advantage of it within your organization is our specialty. We offer multiple maturity assessments to first evaluate your current state and secondly to serve as the starting point for a roadmap of your digital transformation journey.

Engaging Customers

We help you rethink customer engagement, build fans of your products and services and engagement through the full 360-degree customer lifecycle

Empower Employees

Empowerment of employees, operational information in productivity applications, delivering engaging HR experience

Optimize Operations

Rethink operational optimization, improve utilization with IoT, leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics

Transform Products & Services

Rethink product and service transformation, utilize data to enter new markets, prioritize agility

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. 

Digital Transformation: A fundamental shift in how a firm delivers value and drives revenue.
- Forrester Research

Rethink Customer Engagement

  • Customer centricity integrated across the business: Get everyone in the organization to be customer obsessed, focus on satisfaction, algin customer experience and strategy, create seamless service experiences, and act based on csutomer insight.
  • Creating fans and segment of one: Go where your customers are, personalize based on customer insight, and turn customers into engaged advocates who love our products.
  • Data-driven customer inights: Take advantage of high-quality, data driven insights and create experiences that customers really want.

Empower Employees

Organizations can't transform to digital unless people do.  Digitiization and automation are outpacing organizaitons' skill level and workforce's ability to become proficient with new technologies. 

  • Strategic: Be intentional about people priorities and related strategies.  Invest in driving a customer-obsessed, transformative culture focused on growth.
  • Data Driven: Use the data available to gain insights about your workforce, and make strategic decisions.
  • Self-service and simplified processes: Create new delivery systems and models for HR services.  Simplify and provide self-service tools - standardizing routine processes.
  • Skills: Invest in new skill development and training

Optimize Operations

  • Harness technology for next level of effectiveness: Use IoT and sensors to gain new levels of efficiencies that impact sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Use digital platforms to reduce delivery timeframes: Connected field equipment on a continuous basis, and gather data across a wide, dispersed set of end points, draw insights and optimize production and delivery times.
  • Test new products and services at a fraction of the cost: Reduce the cost of trying out new product and service offerings with the power of the cloud.  Test out new services and products at a fraction of the cost due to digital enablement.
  • Anticipate and solve customer issues before they become an issue with Arbela Data Insights (ADI).

Transform Products & Services

  • Use data to enter new markets: Investigate how the data you are colelcting can become the key asset for a new business opportunity.  Inform your engineering and services processes with data insights to open new markets.
  • Revise business models to prioritize agility and emerging trends: Find new business models by augmenting physical with digital offerings.  Build digital services around traditional products.
  • Make customers your business partners: Understand where your business interest intersect with your customers in a digital-first world.  Find opportunities that increase your access to new markets while decreasing technology and security risk.
  • Connect products to amplify and redefine their value: Find new value connections in two offerings enabled with greater insights, machine learning, and analytics