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ERP, CRM, BI, and Marketing Training Services 

Your organization has now implemented a new software, and you are beyond excited to get your team to start using it! After a while, you begin noticing that you're not getting the results of all of the great things that the software was supposed to provide. Often times, we can dismiss the importance of training our different teams on how to use this new software or solution. Generally, this can be the consequence of poor training methods. 

Our team has years of hands-on experience with Microsoft's suite of products, including Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365. Our team has the required qualifications/certifications and intelligence to utilize any tool, module, or technique to enhance your business process efficiently.

ERP Training

Training packages and services for all versions of Dynamics AX including D365 for Operations

CRM Training

Training packages and services for all versions of  Dynamics CRM including D365 for Sales, and Customer Service

BI Training

Training packages and services for BI and analytics. Become in expert and advance your organizations' analytics and create new possibilities.

Marketing Automation Training

Utilize our digital marketing experts to advance your marketing initiatives and train your marketing team with most marketing automation platforms.

Training Methods that Work for Your Company

Onsite & In-Person

over the web



Your Success Starts with a Strategy

Our training and mentorship services are designed to help leaders such as project managers, production managers, purchasing managers, controllers, and quality maintenance members have a guide they can trust through every phase of their Dynamics 365, AX, and CRM implementation. Our periodic mentoring technique is an essential aspect of ensuring the long-term success of software applications. The training programs are closely followed up with reviews from clients and mentoring is upgraded according to your feedback. Our training and mentorship programs respect deadlines and milestones set for different modules and different software's to ensure success in all of your implementations.

Arbela Agile Methodology (AAM)

Arbela Agile Methodology (AAM) is an implementation methodology based on agile principles and focused on predictable execution and customer education. The goal of our methodology is to spend more time on the future desired state and less on “what you do today.”  Our guidelines revolve around minimizing customization and educating your super users in IT and each functional area of the system. We ensure super users can form the Center of Excellence (CoE) and truly own your system after go-live. Customers with a CoE typically have an 80% higher ROI on their ERP investment than customers who do not.

Focus on Knowledge Transition

Through our methodology, your team will always be engaged within the Dynamics 365 system.  We focus on having them see the system in our design sessions and are hands on through the Conference Room Pilots (CRPs).  From the beginning of the design phase through go-live, your team members will have touched the system dozens of times, ensuring a higher level of ownerships and project success. This effectively lowers the total cost of ownership and increases the return on investment of your project.