Arbela Audit & Security Manager (ASM)

Arbela Audit & Security ManagerRely on the Experts of Dynamics Security

Effective data security and integrity is a fundamental necessity any enterprise. The key to meeting this fundamental requirement is managing and controlling access to the corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We understand the significant impact of Dynamics AX/365 security on your business and have been developing security and auditing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics over the past 10+ years. Arbela's Audit and Security Manager (ASM) is designed to address challenges in four fundamental areas of security and auditing for Dynamics AX/365.

ASM Addresses Four Fundamental Areas of Security and Auditing for Dynamics

Simplify Security Management

With security visualization and the security manager cockpit.

Preparations for Audit and Controlling IT Risks

With Advanced Segregation of Duty (SoD), Security Snapshots, and Access Monitoring.

Ability to Monitor System Changes

With Data Monitoring, Change-Logs, and Matrix Reports.

Save Money by Reducing Enterprise License Counts

With the ability to monitor Users Client Access Licenses (CALs), you can now reduce your Enterprise license count.

After Utilizing ASM, Customers Have Reported a Reduced Amount of:

  • IT staff involvement with security related issues as much as 70%, while minimizing the effort needed for reporting and environment management.
  • Preparation time for audits and reports as much as 80%.
  • Time spent on security management as much as 75%.
  • Security deployment time as much as 80%.

Arbela has Served 100+ Companies With Custom Security Management & Auditing Services. We serve a broad range of industries including Aerospace, Life Sciences, Industrial Equipment, High-Tech, Building Materials, Distribution, Retail, and more.

Arbela Security Manager is a powerful and unique tool in the world of Dynamics AX security. Not only has it empowered us to build effective, dynamic roles but it has made it extremely simple to audit what users are capable of. We couldn’t do without it now! Finally, if you are in a tight spot, the Arbela team will come through for you and make it work to meet your needs.
- Thomas Hasenack - Application Administrator

Arbela Security Manager makes handling security setup in Dynamics AX a much more easier exercise as well as enhancing audit reporting capabilities.
- Ray Jones - Application Security Analyst

Arbela Security Manager is an invaluable tool for managing security in Dynamics AX. It simplifies the complexity of AX and is a must have, especially for SOX compliant companies. Further, the support we received from the Arbela team was exceptional. I highly recommend this solution!
- Keri Lantz - CPA

ASM is a great way to manage security!  The interface is so much easier to use than doing it natively.  The support is fantastic!  The process is easy, you submit a ticket on their website, they schedule a screen-share meeting and walk you through the process to fix your problem.  Great service!
- Greg Miller - PMP