Arbela Data Insights (ADI)

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Today’s modern data driven culture has organizations thirsting for information and insights that are not readily available in traditional ERP and CRM applications. Having a data warehouse provides a common trusted single version of the truth for quick actionable insights. Traditionally a data warehouse was an expensive investment that could take 18-24 months -- this has all changed with Arbela Data Insights (ADI).

Deploy your Microsoft centric BI project faster and make everyone a hero in your company. Arbela Data Insights (ADI) will accelerate your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Customer Engagement (CE), and Field Service BI projects. Reduce your costs and reduce your time to complete your project. 

Arbela Data Insights (ADI) is a complete, pre-configured business intelligence and data warehouse system with Power BI, Azure DB, and Azure Data Factory that turns data into actionable insights. It lets all users throughout your organization tap into relevant, timely business data to identify real-time requirements, monitor and predict trends, troubleshoot problems, or seize opportunities as soon as they develop. Modules include finance, sales, marketing, procurement, planning, inventory, manufacturing, production, projects, professional services, customer experience, and field services.

A Few of Arbela's Business Intelligence Dashboards
Sales Pipeline Overview

Allows the focusing of sales meetings to identify strategies to close opportunities and analyze the sales pipeline. Infuse artificial intelligence utilizing machine learning to score and rank opportunities based on their likeliness to close.

Sales Order Insights and Sales Order Detail

Analyze historical sales demand trends to understand seasonality by customer groups and product groups. Enables deeper analysis into customer and product distribution with an ability to drill through to line level detail.

Financial Insights

Deliver visibility into a company’s performance and profitability by providing high level KPI’s at monthly and yearly levels.

CFO Dashboard

Analyze company debt, assets, equity, working capital, current and quick ratios for better insights into financial performance.

AR Insights

Gain better understanding and mastery of your company’s cash flow by analyzing top customers overdue to focus AR efforts and reduce outstanding customer liabilities.

AP Insights

Gain a better understanding and mastery of your company’s cash flow by analyzing vendor payments and trends.

Production Delivery Insights

Measure customer satisfaction based on production delivery outputs by analyzing on-time delivery in full trends across product groups.  Gain insights into the cause of delivery misses and production shortages.

Production Planner Workbench

Analyze current production operations including scrap rates, production, labor and raw material variances by workgroups and work centers.

Procurement Analysis

Identifies cost-saving opportunities, driving profitability, ensuring the purchase strategies are in sync with the business objectives and maintaining optimum inventory levels in the organization.

Low Balance Purchase Orders

Allow visibility into purchase orders that are almost fully consumed which potentially need change orders to extend them.  This report is particularly useful for service-based contracts.

Purchase Order Spend Analysis

Ability to analyze companywide spend by category and identify outliers by the vendor.  Allows identification of spend patterns and over-invoicing.

Arbela Data Insights - ADI - Sales Module

Validated Enterprise Data - Near Real-Time

Arbela Data Insights (ADI) provides near-real-time analytics, refreshing as frequently as every few minutes.  ADI is a pre-built data warehouse and with extraction logic coupled with trusted analytics, reports, and persona based dashboards.  The schema is designed in utilizing the Kimball Star Schema approach, which allows for data to be brought in from any data source to complement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data. Empower your users with drill down capabilities as well as discover actionable insights within our Power BI interface.  Spend less time on developing, integrating & validating your data warehouse by leveraging ADI as a platform to start your analytics journey. 

“JMP has had an excellent working relationship with the Arbela BI & Analytics team. They were able to lead us in determining our exact needs and provided the solution that exceeded all our expectations. Arbela was able to connect with multiple management and sales team members at JMP to answer critical questions and find out how we could best use the data we had in a way that would maximize our efficiencies and ultimately lead to increased sales. ”

- Jason Clifton, VP of Sales

Analytics Journey From Descriptive to Predictive

Advance your Analytics Journey

Analytics within your company is a journey.  Starting out with the right solution such as Arbela Data Insights (ADI) enables your organization to rapidly accelerate from reporting to monitoring.  ADI connects to the applications that you have deployed today including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and legacy Dynamics AX 2012 -- providing insights for the first time into historical trending, drill down reporting and improved insights into your operational and financial business needs.  Provide a single source of the truth for your analytical data with Arbela Data Insights.

Increase ROI, Reduce Effort, Reduce Cost

With pre-built and validated data connections to your Dynamics 365 data combined with pre-built analytics you can get 75-80% of the way through your descriptive analytics journey.  Our team of data and analytics consultants will work with you to add your unique value to the standard capabilities.  Arbela Data Insights is built to allow consumption of your custom fields and entities alongside standard Dynamics 365 data.  With initial deployment times taking 1-2 days, ADI can be in the hands of your employees rapidly providing a strong ROI.  Our team will then work with your business areas to add any unique value-add analytics that is unique to your business or train your employees how to do this themselves!

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