Arbela Revenue Planner

Streamline Your Revenue Planning Process

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement provides the ability to track estimated and actual revenue for opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices. The sales forecasting feature provides the ability to create forecasts for team members so sales managers can accurately predict revenue for a given period and make informed business decisions.

Arbela Revenue Planner expands on these existing features by providing users with the ability to track and compare planned, booked, and actual revenue from a variety of sources and time intervals. Planned revenue corresponds to estimates and forecasts, booked revenue corresponds to committed sales from signed customer agreements, and actual revenue corresponds to payments received from customers.


Arbela Revenue Planner is designed to help small and midsize organizations monitor not only the short-term and long-term performance of their sales teams, but to connect estimated revenue traditionally stored in a CRM system with recognized revenue traditionally stored in an ERP system. 

  • Track planned, booked, and actual revenue from a variety of sources
  • Relate revenue to accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Copy or split revenue over one to many time intervals
  • Group and aggregate revenue by user-defined categories
  • Create related revenue in bulk from the form command bar
  • Compare revenue by date, type, and category
  • View monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue trends


Benefits of Arbela Revenue Planner

  • Streamlines the revenue planning process
  • Augments out-of-the-box sales forecasting functionality
  • Spreads opportunity estimates over one to many time intervals
  • Helps present a 360 degree view of a customer
  • Provides visibility to data traditionally stored in separate applications
  • Reduces the risks associated with spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Includes easy-to-use charts to monitor and compare revenue