Keeping your people safe and healthy

It’s time for action on COVID-19.

When the pandemic first struck, we released a statement outlining steps we were taking internally to keep our people, partners and community safe, as well as sharing best practices and guidelines on keeping a business running during this time, too.

Since then, we have been working hard and are now offering more than guidance: we now have technologies that can help protect your people and help your business prosper.

Safe Screen from Arbela Technologies

With a combination of thermal imaging hardware, Microsoft PowerApps, Azure
Cognitive Service, Machine Learning, and other technologies, Arbela has developed a solution to help provide a safer working environment.

Safe Screen can help identify employees who may be sick and protect those who aren’t.
It automates and reduces time of screening of employees at the beginning of their day, minimizes person-to-person contact during the check-in process and increases
detection of COVID-19 symptoms.

Additionally, the system automates most steps connected to securely routing critical information and protecting employee privacy. All information collected can be stored
and if required reported to the Health Department while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Through configurable safe screen questions depending on location, industry and legal requirements in addition to scanning RFID badges to identify employees accurately you are able to meet regulatory compliance requirements for safely screening employees.  After the survey, using thermal and image racognition technology - we are able to accurately and safely assess employees health and flag any potential issues before they occur.  

This solution can be deployed in less than a day! 

Understanding your Demand Impact 

Arbela’s COVID-19 Demand Impact Assessment Application is fueled by Power BI & developed on PowerApps to deliver actionable data on your accounts, vendors, territories and business segments impacted by the coronavirus.

A view enables a user to see which downstream businesses are open and in what capacity.  Is the business open?  Does it offer curbside pickup?  Are there altered hours?  What is the change to foot traffic?  Working on a job site?  Questions and impact elements are configurable and allow you to assess your downstream demand and overlay this against your forecsasts. 

This can be easily sorted by sales territory, market segment, and a host of other relevant datasets.  Understand the impact to your business today and in the future as the opening and conditions of your market change.

Additionally, through Power BI, we are able to overlay Johns Hopkins COVID-19 infection data with datasets specific to your business, enabling a deeper dive into the direct impact COVID-19 may be having on your business.  Analyzing the trends of infections across the country can give you early warning signs into future closures, reduction or increase in demand.  Stay on top of your demand stream and focus on delivering accurate sales forecasts by knowing the outside influences that impact your business.

You can drill into geographies, account types, and more, and see how the global nature of COVID-19 may be locally impacting an account, partner, business segment, or sales territory.

While created as a response to COVID-19, the Impact Assessment Application is an ideal fit for any moment in time when external factors exert extreme influence over how, where, when and with whom we do business.

More to come...

We’re not done yet: we’re currently developing apps to assist with improving safety during delivery services, optimizing the supply chain during COVID-19, and more.

While there currently may not be a solution for COVID-19 itself, Arbela Technologies is honored to offer solutions to help ensure best practices in preventing the spread of the disease and keeping businesses open.