D365 for Customer Insights

Engage Your Customers with Intelligent InsightsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights Video

Understand your customers to better engage them through intelligent insights. With Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Azure, transform your data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions that help your business succeed. Customer Insights for Dynamics 365 helps you:

  • Understand customers better - 360-degree view of your customers
  • Predict business outcomes - data-driven predictions such as churn or conversions
  • Segment your audience - granular customer segmentation based on known predicted journey

Power Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Scoring

Enable business users to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to predict a range of business outcomes such as: which of my leads should I focus on, which cases should I escalate, which opportunities will convert this period and which of my accounts are at risk of churn?

Utilizing predictive scoring can benefit by;

  • Business users can predict any business outcome
  • Automatically discover best predictive signals
  • Continuous scoring of incoming data
  • Determine interpretable predictive factor


As your customers and prospects move through their lifecycle, segmenting them into the right buying stage, determining the right messaging and timing becomes important.  Leverage the AI capabilities of Customer Insights to drive the right segmentation for your customers and prospects.



Predictive Matching

Data from multiple sources often leverages different fields to unique identify records, what your eCommerce solution calls a customer and what your CRM system calls a customer can often be different.  Utilize advanced algorithms to match data from multiple data fields into a single profile, providing a matching percentage or confidence interval for each match.  Gaining a stronger 360 degree view of your customer data.

Big Data made easy with Customer Insights