Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Standardize Your HR Organization While Empowering Employees

Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows you to attract, onboard, and maintain your workforce throughout their employee lifecycles. With interactive analytics, HR business process management, and integration to LinkedIn, you will spend much less time on HR data maintenance and administration, and more time on strategic endeavors for your organization.

Enable development and growth
Empower employees and create and environment of growth with a personalized career path, continuous learning, development guides.

Hire the right people, faster
Attract highly skilled, talented people with a compelling recruiting experience that engages candidates and facilitates collaboration.

Drive operational excellence
Improve business impact and drive an agile, high-performance culture with automated HR tasks, people analytics, strategic initiatives.

Empower your workforce

Now you can turn over the most redundant employee management tasks to the employees. With Dynamics 365, your workforce can request leave & absence, maintain their competencies, access the company directory, complete work items & make approvals, and view details of their own employee records. Managers can analyze their reporting personnel, conduct performance reviews, approve leave & absence, recommend compensation changes, and request additional headcount.



Foster a culture of excellence

Dynamics 365 provides a system for continuous feedback, and reward high performers by turning performance into a daily, two-way conversation between employees and managers. You can view real-time performance dashboards and track accomplishments. In addition, you gain full transparency around employee and team goal progression, which allows you to take immediate corrective actions.



Motivate and retain your workforce

Manage compensation recommendations and analyze the compensation plans for the organization. Implement competitive compensation based on merit and performance, and organize your pay into logical systems that take the guess work out of total compensation.




Design and administer employee benefits

Design and administer benefits packages, fixed pay, bonus systems, and paid time off accruals that are both compliant and perceived as fair by your workforce.



Analyze people metrics

Analyze people metrics such as headcount, attrition, demographic spread, and tenure and glean valuable insights to improve retention.