Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Always know what a customer needs next

Turn Relationships Into RevenueMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Video

How well do you understand your customers? What kinds of processes do you have in place to transform interest into action? What combination of tactics and technology are you using to uncover more opportunities and drive more revenue?

Dynamics 365 Sales is far more than a traditional CRM platform. It’s a sales enablement solution customized to support your exact business strategies and tactics.

Arbela’s teams of engineers and business consultants will dig into the data that fuels your business goals, and deliver a Dynamics solution that drives more deals.

Dynamics 365 Sales: moving a sales team from reactive to proactive to predictive

Many CRMs create, at best, a platform where sales teams can capture customer information, create funnels, forecast, and provide reports on what to do next. But with help from Arbela, Dynamics 365 Sales can provide insights on what to do now.

We’ll provide the platform, processes, and expertise that move a sales team from responding to customer needs to anticipating them.

Capabilities such as contextual AI and machine learning help automatically meet customer needs in real-time. And by pulling and pooling data from within and beyond the Microsoft stack (e.g., Outlook and LinkedIn), your Dynamics solution can provide a more complete profile of every prospect and customer, equipping your team with the insights required to close more business.

Accelerate sales performance
Get visibility into sales performance with analytics dashboards based on historical and predictive data. Onboard and motivate sellers.

Sell smarter with embedded intelligence
Get recommendations and guidance at every stage of the deal so you stay focused on moving deals forward.

Boost productivity and increase revenue
Seamlessly connect business data with LinkedIn data to guide sellers throughout your sales processes—even while on the go.

D365 Sales Predictive ScoringActionable Insights

Empower your salespeople with predictive analytics, digital intelligence, and automated lead scoring. With both the Sales app and Office 365 to help assess their customer relationships, they have all the tools they need. Match your leads from multiple sources with Dynamics Customer Insights and turn them into customer intelligence.

Personal Engagement

Tap into the wisdom and experience of your team with shared meeting notes, events, and custom sales documents created with real-time co-authoring. Stay informed about your key customer information with Dynamics 365 for Operations enabling real-time visibility into order status, invoices, credit limits, and late payments.

You can’t spell relationship without R.O.I.

Let us help you turn every contact into a contract.

With Arbela as your Dynamics partner, you can be up and running quickly… on a platform that provides all available and actionable information… and helps ensure a return on each investment you make in every customer you meet. It starts with a free consultation.

Customer Management

Help your salespeople zero in on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities as they build out your pipeline. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides social insights, up-to-date company information, and an embedded sales process—so your reps know how and when to engage.

Sales performance

Motivate your sales team with the perfect mix of information and collaboration. Easy-to-use dashboards help you set smart goals and monitor results. Built-in Help helps you align your team’s actions with best practices. And gamification encourages healthy competition.

CDS Integration with OutlookInformation When You Want It, Where You Need It

Gain greater visibility into your Dynamics 365 for Sales within the productivity tools you use today. Surface contextual information about your prospects, customers, and contacts to better guide you through your sales and support services. Common data service (CSD) not only surfaces information from your CRM application but also your operational ERP and other 3rd party sources -- your team can rely on information that is meaningful to their pursuits.