Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CE VideoHow D365 leaves traditional CRM (and ERP) behind

Things are changing with Microsoft solutions for customer relationship management and customer engagement.

Legacy platforms — such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics for Customer Engagement — are now delivered simply as part of Dynamics 365.

If you’re looking for help implementing, upgrading, or simply understanding Dynamics 365 as a tool for improving customer engagement, tracking prospect behavior, forecasting, and improving closing rates, Arbela’s analysts and engineers are ready to talk.

Let’s create a custom Dynamics solution that addresses your unique business needs.

Dynamics CRM is now called…?

While the names may have changed some — with Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, for example, delivering the same kind of functionality as a CRM — the business benefits are very much the same.

With Dynamics, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your contacts and interactions in a central repository

  • Efficiently manage your sales pipeline

  • Analyze data to make informed business decisions for continued improvement

  • Track booked vs. actual revenue and forecasting

  • Measure campaign efficacy and ROI

  • And much more…

The new Dynamics ecosystem for CRM

Let us guide you to your solution.

Are you an SMB looking to get started with Dynamics CRM and get started quickly? Arbela offers QuickStart for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: you can be up and running in 30 days or less.

Are you focused specifically on closing more business? Dynamics 365 Sales is the perfect fit.

Want to improve customer service and customer loyalty? Dynamics 365 Customer Service has what you and your customers need.

Looking for ways to improve lead gen and nurturing programs? It’s all in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Do you need to better manage field service resources and staff? Dynamics 365 Field Service meets those needs, as well as contracting, inventory management, and more.

Want to predict your customers’ and prospects’ next moves? Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enables a 360° view of everyone in your ecosystem, collating data from Outlook, CRM, social media, and beyond.

Are you a professional services provider looking for help managing projects, resources, and business opportunities? Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is ideal.

For all these business cases — as well as those requiring ERP solutions, such as Dynamics 365 Finance or Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management — Arbela starts with a detailed analysis of your business goals and strategies.

Our mission is about more than deploying software: it’s about delivering solutions. Let us help discover a solution that’s a unique fit for your business. It starts with a free consultation.