Regression Testing Automation

Keeping agile companies completely and cost-effectively updated 

Keeping your company agile and able to adapt to changes means regularly updating your systems - and it’s not just your systems being updated. With so many of us relying on external applications, cloud-based storage, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions, the external updates impacting a business are virtually endless, and sometimes even unexpected. 

The way we stay “safe” and ensure existing features and business applications run smoothly following any update is via regression testing. It is a must - despite how time-consuming, how costly, and how complicated it can be.

Let ArganoArbela Regression Test Automation solution with our change management services handle your regression testing, allowing you to:

  • Reduce the costs of regression testing
  • Minimize errors often caused by manual labor
  • Increase speed of the overall process and ensure business continuity
  • Ensure success in adoption across your locations and individuals
  • Focus on building your business

Additional benefits of automated regression testing with Arbela

In addition to the basics outlined above (lower costs, fewer errors, faster, etc.), we can use automated regression testing to help you:

  • Gain insights into processes that drive adoption (i.e., what are the most frequently traveled “paths” in your business systems?)
  • Help you proactively prepare for future changes
  • Assist with system validation and compliance requirements for highly regulated industries

Our service can be deployed during non-essential hours to reduce downtime and minimize the impact to your overall business.

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