Change Management

Optimal adoption of new technology and process

It happens far too often: an investment is made by new technology and the team is slow to use it, struggles with using it well, or fails to use it entirely. This is where ArganoArbela’s change management services is a game changer in ensuring optimal adoption of new technology and processes.

Our ProSci-certified change management team will create a plan for people, processes, and platforms ensuring expectations are met across the enterprise. The adoption of a new platform is done in complete alignment with the strategic goals of your business. 

We work closely with leadership, run workshops, and create plans-of-action specific to your unique business needs and culture. Change management services have long been central to every ArganoArbela engagement, because we believe that transformative technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics, should not mean a disruption to the workplace.

Organizational Readiness Services

ArganoArbela Strategic Adoption Program (ASAP)
An adoption health-check and project assessment with
stakeholders at each key location, along with other tactics
and approaches engineered to ensure positive outcomes. 

Project Sponsor Roadmap
Workshop with executive and project leadership to
define the vision for the transformation, establish
roles and responsibilities, and align systems with
structure through a comprehensive roadmap. 


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A transformed culture is an informed culture

Many unsuccessful digital transformation efforts focus solely on business systems, while overlooking your business people. An implementation partner spends weeks or months working with you to determine how the new solution will work with your existing tech stack. But when it comes to how your people will work with your new solution, the expectation is often “they’ll figure it out.” This is a recipe for failure.

To ensure your people are ready to adopt new systems and processes, our change management services are foundational in preparing your team to understand what’s changing, why, and where they fit in: because you can’t expect transformation without information.

Our change management services identify potential gaps and project risks, provide a strategy for communication, training, and adoption to ensure your team can successfully utilize Microsoft Dynamics.

“Go-live” is just the start

As you can see from the timeline, managing change is not a task that stops the day a technology platform goes live. Sustaining the change is critical, and part of the program. Following your “go live” date, we can deliver reporting to measure achievement of business objectives outlined in the planning stage, the leading indicators of success in adoption across multiple locations and individuals. We then zero in on what needs to happen to ensure you hit your goals and adjust to execute proper adoption.