Digital Transformation Strategy

Bringing together people, processes, technology and data to connect your entire business

What is digital transformation? Is it a principle? Is it a practice? Is it cultural? Is it a platform? The answer is it’s all that, and more.

Microsoft defines digital transformation as bringing together people, data, and processes disrupting technology to transform your company and create value for your customers. We take that overarching definition and apply it to each client’s strategic business goals and plans, as digital transformation is never a one-size-fits-all undertaking. When combined with the right cultural and organizational change, digital transformation can become a reality; not just a buzzword. While the pillars are the same - empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products - the application is almost always unique to each ArganoArbela client.

Successful Transformation: Building the Framework for Growth

Can you afford to be left behind? Business is evolving at a rapid pace - your competitors today may not be your competitors tomorrow. With industries being disrupted at an unprecedented rate, we can help you avoid blind spots and think outside the box. Digital transformation is not just about looking at what you can improve with your current business, but also looking for opportunities to expand into new and adjacent offerings.

We can help you implement the right technology solutions combined with best practices. Our proven Catalyst and Design Thinking Framework is the baseline for your digital transformation – connecting your entire business with deeper insight for faster, better decisions to accelerate continual growth.

The pillars of digital transformation

Digital transformation is focused on driving technology-enabled change in businesses based on four key areas, or pillars:

Empower Employees

Empowering employees is about creating a culture of collaboration where digital intelligence helps drive decision-making, and your teams can access and act-on every dataset they require in real-time. We can help create workflows, automate processes, and build the reporting structure your staff needs to succeed individually, departmentally, and enterprise-wise. The end-result is a data-driven workplace where employee creativity is fueled to its fullest.

Engage Customers

Engagement is about having the technological and tactical tools to meet your customers where they are, ensuring you have everything in place to capture the customer insights that should inform your product and service development process, and move from customer interactions to customer relationships. With Dynamics 365 MarketingDynamics 365 Customer Insight, and extensions such as Data Insights, ArganoArbela can equip you with a platform that ensures you capture every customer interaction to deliver enhanced customer experiences — not just unique to your business, but unique to each customer.

Optimize Operations

Supply chain and inventory management, human resources, accounting and payroll, finance, security: rolling operational processes, platforms, and personnel into your digital transformation is a cornerstone to success - increasing speed and improving efficiency across your entire business. Empower your business with internal data that coupled with external customer, market, and product data creates a comprehensive view of your operations. We have extensive experience and expertise in "de-siloing" and automating every aspect of operations powered by Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and our own line of ArganoArbela extensions.

Transform Products

Merging the data from Dynamics CRM systems (such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Field Service) and ERP systems (such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management), with IoT and AI inputs, ArganoArbela will help you act on the information being automatically gathered from your customers and company. Additionally, with Dynamics 365 Product Insights, we can help pull actionable information directly from the products and services being used by your customers.

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination

In addition to the pillars, there are two additional benefits included in every digital transformation in which we have taken part: scalability and flexibility.

When you lean on ArganoArbela to build the strategy and tactics, as well as the platforms and processes of your digital transformation, scalability and flexibility are baked in at every step. Because digital transformation isn’t a fixed deliverable; it’s an evolving one. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.

With every cloud-based solution and every custom extension, ArganoArbela ensures you are equipped for the journey being taken, and those to come as well.

Where are you in your journey?