Strategic Roadmapping

Ensuring you achieve every strategic goal in the near-term and the long-run

A strategic roadmap from ArganoArbela is a concrete deliverable; a dynamic plan-of-action to share with your teams and stakeholders, and a guidebook to help you get the most from your technology implementation while achieving long-term business goals through a phased approach for deploying change in your organization. The Catalyst and Design Thinking Framework, as part of our strategic roadmapping service encompassing the delivery and adoption of Microsoft solutions and services, provides a clear assessment of where your business is now and how to move forward. 

As with every service and solution ArganoArbela offers, it starts with the data. We will collect data related to your objectives, the possibilities and limitations currently existing in your market, the applications of your existing technology stack and how it can be extended to better meet your long-term goals.

Data collected then serves as the foundation for more than one roadmap, and the modern enterprise often has different needs and goals across its departments. While an enterprise may have an overarching strategic goal — such as driving more revenue — the goal will often require different strategies and roadmaps in, for example, the sales, product development, customer service, and HR departments. In every case, ArganoArbela delivers a roadmap that connects the enterprise and helps ensure collective success.

Improve product planning

Connected to product planning and development, ArganoArbela delivers a roadmap that takes full measure of existing market demands (and possible future ones), the competitive landscape, and the production capacity of your business and its teams and facilities. The goal is a product plan that answers questions like why a product was/will be built, what problem it solves, and who it’s for — all connected to the larger strategic goals driving your business onward and upward.


Improve customer connection

The way customers engage with your business ten years from now is most assuredly going to be different from how they interact with you today. With ArganoArbela, you’ll benefit from a strategic roadmap for customer engagement and connection that provides a deep dive into the required platforms and processes you’ll need to keep customers connected to your business.


Improve resiliency

One of the most important things 2020 showed us was that business needs have to be equipped to pivot. Through various assessments, systems, and solutions, we were able to help our clients not merely survive, but thrive. Every roadmap we deliver is a living document, a dynamic plan-of-action that equips you to embrace the certainty of change. In 2020, we helped create roadmaps for clients — populated by new applications and approaches — that enabled them to pivot toward success in the new normal (e.g., curbside pickup apps for retailers; automated health screening solutions for manufacturers).

Because while roadmapping is always about moving forward, the direction forward can often change.