Data and Analytics

Improve decision making and fuel success

McKinsey says, “If data is the oil of the digital age, then analytics is the engine that turns it into energy.” We couldn’t agree more. Data that’s not properly captured, analyzed, and disseminated throughout your business is like an oil reservoir that’s not dicovered: dormant, dark, useless.

Let us help you uncover your data and put it to work. As one of the leading data analytics companies and a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, ArganoArbela is uniquely positioned to help your business turn into a data-driven organization: thriving, insightful, actionable.

Data analytics for a connected business

With engineers and business analysts focused on specific drivers in data analytics and making data actionable - such as Power BI, AI and machine learning, IoT, data management, and BI services - we have the technology and industry-specific experience to turbo-charge your analytics journey. Analytics is a journey, not a destination.

With experience in ERP and CRM implementations, cloud infrastructure, managed services and BI, and custom application development, we have the expertise required to uncover your data no matter where it lives. We help capture, centralize, clean and code data to serve specific strategies, tactics, or even department needs.

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Increase speed and optimize business processes and platforms with training technology to “teach” itself to better serve your strategy

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Turn relevant and timely business data into actionable insights with both technology extensions, and consulting analysts

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Intelligent application of IoT solutions and systems to improve field service, supply chain management, and more

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Complete, pre-configured BI and data warehouse system to accelerate your data analytics strategy

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Stay on top of your critical business insights and uncover the power of your data

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ArganoArbela BI and analytics applications with a dedicated analyst taking from you from inception to implementation to action to optimization

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