AI and Machine Learning

Applications in manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, retail and more

If you use the terms “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “machine learning” (ML) interchangeably, you are not alone - and not right. ML is a subset of AI, and it’s fueled by AI. You can have AI without ML, but not the reverse. With AI and ML, Microsoft and ArganoArbela are finding new ways to capture and analyze data, to engage with clients, and to help businesses in all verticals transform processes and even products.

These are not abstract concepts. Services, such as Azure Machine Learning, may be leveraged to help speed time to market for products, boost productivity across myriad skill sets, and operationalize at scale. AI empowers teams to quickly make more informed and impactful decisions by utilizing the strength of Microsoft AI to transform a wide array of data into targeted, useable insights, as well as to automate the building of tools and applications dedicated to specific business processes (e.g., robotic process automation tools for data collection).

AI and ML services help you better navigate data and events outside your business and improve how you automate the processes inside it.

Learning from the past, driving the future

Machine Learning (ML) tools can tap into existing data to drive decision making as you move forward. ML helps create more complete client journeys based on automated analyses of past actions and behaviors, improve lead generation through automated and triggered campaigns that “get smarter” over time, and making recommendations to shoppers on a retail site.

By tapping into the strength of Microsoft, ML tools improve information accuracy and sharing across the enterprise (such as the advanced analytics provided in Power BI), which helps stakeholders in their manual decision-making processes ensuring the mistakes of the past are not repeated, while the successes are built upon.

AI and ML are not sold separately. They are key functionalities built into Microsoft Azure and Dynamics, and with help from ArganoArbela, they can play a key role in moving your business forward.