Data Management

Transforming business data into actionable intel

Years ago, data could be managed in a simple base. Now, there’s enough data in everyday business systems to fill warehouses, lakes, clouds, and even the universe itself (i.e., Azure Cloud, data lake, dataverse). Dataverse and data lake are not new concepts for most, but let’s briefly review. 

Dataverse: The Microsoft Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service) is essentially data warehouse-as-a-service for all your business application data that is accessible and actionable via Power Platform and usable by everyone from administrative assistants to executives to developers.

Data lake: The Azure Data Lake is, simply put, vast. While the data is unstructured (unlike the defined data that lives in a warehouse) and, in most cases, accessible and understood only by professional analysts and data scientists, it is virtually unlimited: trillions of objects, petabyte (1,000,000 GB) size files, endless options and avenues.

Being able to collect, code, and act on data from these sources is the cornerstone of digital transformation.

Data transformation and governance

Whether it’s coming from the “lake” or the “verse” or the world-at-large, the influx of data has increased exponentially. But the ability of a business to organize, qualify, and activate that data, then turn it into intelligence, is still a struggle for many organizations.

Our data management services focus on the data that will drive your business decisions. We establish data cleansing, governance and transformation of your data into a base for the intelligent solution you want to layer on top of it.

Data Insights simpifies extraction, validation, and visualization of your data - organizing and displaying it into easy-to-read reports (fueled by Power BI). It’s a data warehouse solution that includes pre-configured industry standard and horizontal specific KPIs and metrics for actionable BI reporting.

You need to be able to trust your data. In order to do so, a proper data governance model (including master data management) must be in place to increase user confidence in reporting and increase the accuracy of your AI driven processes.

ArganoArbela has established a data and analytics maturity model that can help you understand where you are in your journey toward effective governance, and design a roadmap to move you to your desired end state.