Internet of Things (IoT)

Tapping into IoT to fuel predictive maintenance, safety, customer insights, and more

What’s your IoT plan? How will your business capture, analyze, and act-on the endless amounts of data coming from people and devices in your supply chain, field service locations and vehicles, retail outlets and warehouses, and beyond? We can help you create a strategy to connect your data across your entire business. Our solutions combined with our expertise drive your business to:

  • Gain insight and agility
  • Optimize operations
  • Redefine customer service
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Build a competitive edge 

Tap into new and existing data streams, get real-time visibility into your processes - all to enable smarter decisions now, and better plan for the future.

IoT maturity: Leveraging technology to drive your business

Improve operational efficiency
The IoT journey typically starts with connecting devices and capturing data to improve operational efficiency. This unleashes a vast pool of data that can be harnessed for deeper business intelligence and continuous optimization of processes. Leveraging IoT in the cloud enables your business to manage data and turn into actionable insights.

Gain actionable insights
Once IoT capabilities are put in place, organizations start to capture huge streams of available data. The key is to move from data capture to data insights, by leveraging machine learning and other statistical and predictive models. With cloud capabilities and predictive analytics you can tap into business intelligence across your entire organzation, help you spot trends and identify new opportunities.

Transform and accelerate your business
A business can then integrate IoT data into its enterprise systems to unlock powerful insights that enable remote, real-time monitoring of security devices, or predictive maintenance in field service, and drive actionable data for better, faster business decisions.

Not sure where to start?

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Azure IoT Monitoring

Remotely monitor your devices in real-time and include actionable triggers to Dynamics 365

IoT Predictive Maintenance 

Monitor IoT devices for predictive maintenance - create actions to prevent downtime