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Move from reactive to predictive analytics with Data InsightsArbela Data Insights Video

Success is often about identifying and adapting to trends, based on data. The challenge is that data is often siloed, inaccessible, inconsistent, costly to capture or impossible to scale. The problem is simply not knowing where to start.

Start with ArganoArbela's Data Insights. As an extension to Microsoft Dynamics or a standalone solution, Data Insights is a complete data warehouse accelerator and KPI/Report catalog that turns data into actionable insights. Maximize your Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Sales or any business system and get everyone in your enterprise working from one source of truth.

Get up and running quickly and take your data to the next level - moving from reactive to predictive analytics for better, faster decisions.

Deeper insight, better results, faster ROI

Data Insights is built to allow consumption of your custom fields and entities alongside standard Dynamics 365 data. Our data warehouse and reporting catalog extracts, stores, delivers, and displays business-critical information across the entire business, enabling you to:

  • Bring data together from multipe sources - within and outside Dynamics
  • Get real-time, actionable insight
  • Secure your data while making it more accessible across your organization
  • Leverage pre-built KPIs and reports based on your requirements and industry standards
  • Maintain control and reduce costs with open, cloud-based architecture built on Azure
  • Get started in days, not months - providing faster time to value

Start your predictive analytics journey and move from data collection to actionable insights.

Analytics Journey From Descriptive to Predictive

Advance your analytics journey

Starting with Data Insights enables your organization to evolve from reporting to monitoring by connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365, or other applications that you have deployed today, and providing insights into historical trending, drill down reporting and improving insights into your operational and financial business needs. Provide a single source of the truth across the entire business and accelerate your analytics journey.

The truth about data warehousing and business analytics

Most C-level executives view data in spreadsheets: While they know there’s a benefit to systems like a Data Warehouse and Power BI, the cost, requirements and overall effort to get teams to absorb and act on the data can be a daunting task.

Many BI reports are siloed: Sales and marketing are looking at “their” data, operations is viewing something different, and leadership is often waiting for monthly reports only to find that feedback is disparate, and useful insights are often “a day late and dollar short.”

Data Insights addresses these challenges by providing the exact information you need. Business leaders will save countless hours of time, act more quickly, and scale up/down based on real-time data, as opposed to Monday morning quarterbacking. Furthermore, measurements/KPIs can fuel critical business decisions, like making material improvements to specific business processes.

ArganoArbela approaches BI in an iterative/agile approach, exposing new and unforeseen opportunities to gain insights after each iteration. As is said — each answer leads to two more questions!

Sales Order Insights and Sales Order Detail

Analyze historical sales demand trends to understand seasonality by customer groups and product groups. Enables deeper analysis into customer and product distribution with an ability to drill through to line level detail.

Sales Pipeline Overview Dashboard

Allows the focusing of sales meetings to identify strategies to close opportunities and analyze the sales pipeline. Infuse artificial intelligence utilizing machine learning to score and rank opportunities based on their likeliness to close.

Financial Insights

Deliver visibility into a company’s performance and profitability by providing high level KPI’s at monthly and yearly levels.

CFO Dashboard

Analyze company debt, assets, equity, working capital, current and quick ratios for better insights into financial performance.

AR Insights

Gain better understanding and mastery of your company’s cash flow by analyzing top customers overdue to focus Accounts Receivable efforts and reduce outstanding customer liabilities.

AP Insights

Gain a better understanding and mastery of your company’s cash flow by analyzing vendor payments and trends.

Production Delivery Insights

Measure customer satisfaction based on production delivery outputs by analyzing on-time delivery in full trends across product groups.  Gain insights into the cause of delivery misses and production shortages.

Production Planner Workbench

Analyze current production operations including scrap rates, production, labor and raw material variances by workgroups and work centers.

Procurement Analysis

Identifies cost-saving opportunities, driving profitability, ensuring the purchase strategies are in sync with the business objectives and maintaining optimum inventory levels in the organization.

Low Balance Purchase Orders

Allow visibility into purchase orders that are almost fully consumed which potentially need change orders to extend them.  This report is particularly useful for service-based contracts.

Purchase Order Spend Analysis

Ability to analyze companywide spend by category and identify outliers by the vendor.  Allows identification of spend patterns and over-invoicing.

A more affordable, customizable predictive analytics solution

ArganoArbela's Data Insights can be implemented in as little as three months. Many other enterprise-level data warehouse solutions take a year or more to implement; worse, they come in only a few “flavors” and are delivered at a fixed price rather than based on usage.

Data Insights is built according to your exact business needs, so you only pay for what you use - saving you as much as 90% in upfront capital expenditures.

Ready to start your analytics journey with a deeper and actionable understanding of the data that drives your business?