Financial Consolidation

Streamline consolidation tasks with One Step Consolidation

Financial consolidation can be a painstakingly meticulous task. One keystroke error can create a ripple effect of issues. It’s a time-consuming undertaking that requires staff to take on tedious manual entry, confirm exchange rate values across multiple business units, and repeat processes for a business need that may not occur every single day, but one that is absolutely critical.

Our One Step Consolidation solution simplifies the entire financial consolidation process with an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance that provides a single interface for entering all consolidation criteria. The result is a faster, repeatable, auditable and more accurate process of consolidating financial statements that frees up your staff to work on projects that drive revenue, rather than on tasks that merely account for it.

Simplified, automated, one step consolidation

We named it a “one step consolidation” solution because that’s exactly what it does: a user simply specifies the timeframe and the exchange rates for the consolidation. Done. One step.

All consolidation parameters are saved and available so that any errors can be quickly identified and resolved. With ArganoArbela's One Step Consolidation you can:

  • Reduce time spent on financial consolidations
  • Integrate data outside Microsoft Dynamics
  • Create an audit trail including historical conversions
  • Run detailed reports
  • Manage international, multi-currency consolidation with ease

While there are some tools in Dynamics 365 that can help with financial consolidation tasks and reporting, they are often more complex. By extending your financial platform with our One Step Consolidation, you can take advantage a solution that reduces complexity and opportunities for error.