Mobile workflow management

Workflow Manager: Simplifying workflow processes, reviews and approvals to drive productivity

Why does anyone have a mobile workforce? Simple: productivity. The challenge often comes in managing remote teams - or managing them while you’re off-site yourself - and ensuring balanced and consistent workflows across a team working from multiple sites, on multiple platforms, devices and applications.

That's why we created our Workflow Manager solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dyamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Workflow Manager eliminates the confusion of managing tasks across multiple emails or applications by providing a one-stop simplified workflow management approval tool, enabling team and business leaders to see the big picture and take the right steps for their people to work more effectively and efficiently.


Manage workflows securely and with ease

Workflow Manager lets teams review, manage, and approve workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 — from anywhere, at anytime via mobile devices. With Workflow Manager you can:

  • Approve or reject workflow items
  • View workflow details required for approval
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks
  • View attachments related to workflow items
  • Stay connected to financial systems and staff

Workflow Manager simplifies remote, real-time processing of any Dynamics 365 workflow you choose. You can filter by workflow item type, review audit history, respond to workflow updates submitted via email or other applications, and enjoy an easy-to-use one-stop management and approval solution from wherever you may be.

Want to easily stay on top of everything from anywhere? We can help.


  • Simplify approvals and improve operational efficiency
  • Enable a remote workforce with real-time task processing
  • Securily manage your users with role assignments