Contact Center Solutions

Rapid path to cloud-based, omnichannel customer engagement

A business lives, or dies, by its customer experience. Happy, engaged customers buy more often and tell others to buy. Unhappy customers don’t buy… and also tell others.

On the front line of the customer experience is the contact center.

With ArganoArbela's contact center solution, CX Connect, businesses in every vertical can be up-and-running quicky, enabling "always-on” customer service, with a prepackaged solution that leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM functionality, and ArganoArbela’s solutions and industry expertise, without the need to rip out existing infrastructure. 

We’ll deliver a comprehensive solution uniquely tailored to meet your customers where they are — and to get them where you want them to be.

Many industries, similar challenges, a single solution

No matter how different the needs may be across various industries — retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing — the business challenges in customer service are remarkably similar:

  • How do I reduce customer churn?
  • How do I reduce the costs of customer service?
  • How do I transform a cost center into a revenue generator?
  • How do I transform a customer complaint into an upsell, upgrade, or referral?

Currently, for most businesses, technology often further complicates these issues rather than solves them. For example, most contact center agents need to leverage anywhere from six to sixteen different, non-integrated applications to help resolve a single issue.

Basic KPIs such as First Call Resolution, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) can be impossible to truly gauge let alone improve. CX Connect can help change that.

A three-tiered contact center solution

The CX Connect solution starts with Dynamics 365, helping you leverage the core functionality therein to best suit your strategy, schedule, and budget.

The goal is rapid implementation and rapid ROI for your business, with customers getting the info and service they need more completely and more quickly. CX Connect offers:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Remote working scenarios
  • Real-time KPI reporting
  • Improved account, case, and queue management
  • AI driven insights and recommendations

Three levels to meet you where you are

CX Connect currently comes in three editions: EssentialsAdvanced, and Enterprise.

Essentials helps you strategically leverage out-of-the-box functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Advanced goes deeper, with ArganoArbela creating business-specific configurations, multichannel customer inputs, real-time sentiment analysis, and more.

But it’s Enterprise where the solution takes customer service in an extraordinary new direction, with proprietary tools (e.g., the NIMA bot) that provide contextual recommendations based on real-time conversations, automatically feed agents relevant info on each customer, and provide live, real-time translation.

Take the first step to contact center modernization

ArganoArbela offers an in-depth Contact Center Modernization Evaluation Workshop designed to help customer-focused organizations evaluate their people, processes, and technology.

The result will be a roadmap containing recommendations — including a Business Justification Document, and a Rough Order of Magnitude to help you budget — that can guide your next steps to benefitting from a scalable, omni-channel, revenue-driving customer contact center.

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