Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Always know what a customer needs next 

How well do you know your customers? What processes do you have in place to transform interest into action? What tactics and technology are you using to uncover new opportunities and drive more revenue?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is far more than a traditional CRM platform - it’s a sales enablement solution configured to support your business strategies and tactics. We provide more than a traditional CRM implementation with industry-specific configurations, custom extensions, and a team of consultants versed in industries such as manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, retail and more. We create a solution that serves your strategic business goals. We also offer a Rapid Deployment solution for Dynamics 365 Sales that can have you up and running in as little as 30 days.

Whether you are looking to Dynamics 365 Sales to drive more revenue, or reduce costs, or mitigate risk, ArganoArbela can help. 

Dynamics 365 Sales: Moving from reactive to proactive sales

Many CRM solutions create a platform for sales teams to capture customer information, create funnels, forecast, and provide reports on what to do next. With ArganoArbela and Dynamics 365 Sales, we will provide the platform, processes, and expertise that move a sales team from responding to customer needs to anticipating them -  with actionable insights. 

Capabilities such as contextual AI and machine learning help automatically meet customer needs in real-time. By pulling and pooling data from within and beyond the Microsoft stack, your Dynamics solution provides a more complete profile of every prospect and customer, creating relationship-based sales opportunities, and equipping your team with the insights required to close more business.

You can’t spell relationship without ROI

Let us help you turn every contact into a contract. With ArganoArbela as your Dynamics partner, you can be up and running quickly on a platform that provides all available and actionable information and helps ensure a return on investment with every customer you meet.

Ready to take a next step? ArganoArbela will create a Strategic Value Map aligned to your unique business goals, empowering you with the KPIs and insights that can drive your next step forward.