Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Improve organizational agility with connected, people-centric HR management 

People are the most valuable resource of any organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (formerly Dynamics 365 Talent) gives you the tools required to get the most from your most valuable resource.

In a volatile market, it is important that you take care of your people. Enabling your workers to reach their full potential, while tracking performance and reporting in a centralized system is challenging. That is why Dynamics 365 Human Resources focuses exclusively on the needs of human resources professionals: managing compensation, overseeing benefits, fostering individual and departmental growth, and more. 

Get more from your teams, improve HR workflow and empower your people to fuel employee engagement and satisfaction.

Driving success for your people and your business

Transform your human resources management by optimizing your HR programs, empowering your people, and enabling deeper workforce insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combined with ArganoArbela expertise delivers a solution to provide meaningful compensation recommendations, adhere to compliance requirements, foster self-service programs for personal and team development – all the while giving you a 360-degree view of your teams, talent and HR processes.

In addition to enabling you to improve planning and drive performance in and around your human resources, Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers core functionality to help you: 

  • Manage benefits programs and compensation plans
  • Nurture in-house talent with training and certification programs
  • Empower managers with team performance data and dashboards
  • Simplify payroll administration, and leave/absence reporting

A scalable and agile HR solution that grows with your business

Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers powerful HR capabilties no matter the size of your organization.

What makes Dynamics 365 Human Resources ideal for smaller organizations is its rapid implementation timeframe and the fact it can be used as a standalone system, making it a great fit for companies that may not have the team or budget required for a implement complex HR systems such as Peoplesoft.

Larger companies can use Dynamics 365 Human Resources in conjunction with other enterprise-level Dynamics platforms, such as Dynamics 365 Finance. Leveraging the Microsoft stack, it can function as the core HR module, integrating data from various systems.

Hires, transfers, compliance reporting - streamline and connect all of your HR operations with Dynamics 365 Human Resources and grow your solutions as your business needs evolve.

Let us help you create a workplace where people and business thrive.