Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Drive more revenue and increase customer loyalty by improving the retail experience

When you hear e-commerce, you probably think of companies that can sell direct to customers online, optimize shopping experiences on the fly (to drive more revenue), and do it all with little or no human intervention. But there’s a fit for B2B, too. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can create a feature-rich and friendly experience for customers, partners, and vendors. Enable customers to configure products online, access and customize services through portals and increase loyalty by empowering users with the flexibility to better manage their own purchasing processes and relationship.

Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities help create an experience for your B2B partners that leverages the benefits of the B2C online shopping experience, such as:

  • A responsive user experience
  • AI-powered product and service recommendations
  • Contextual product search capabilities
  • Cross-channel asset management
  • Distributed order management and merchandising

By empowering your clients with a better experience, you are able to more quickly collect and act-on data users provide during their research and checkout processes. It’s a true win-win.

Dynamics 365 Commerce for retail in 2021 and beyond

A key learning in 2020 for retailers was making sure that processes old and new are unified and connected across the organization, online and off. The retail landscape as we know it is facing major disruption and fundamental change in the way the industry works. 

Dynamics 365 Commerce was developed as an end-to-end retail solution delivering unified commerce across all channels encompassing sales, mobility, intelligence and productivity to help retailers and workers achieve more in a cloud-first, mobile first way.

Provide personalized customer engagements to build brand loyalty

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to build brand loyalty through personalized customer engagements, increase revenue with improved employee productivity, optimize operations to reduce costs and drive supply chain efficiencies, ultimately delivering better business outcomes. Features and benefits include:

A connected e-commerce platform

  • Enable customers to sign in with their social identities (Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account) and view their purchase history from all channels
  • Ensure seamless user authentication with integrated payments and OpenID integration
  • Apply your branding to the Retail Experience app and release it to Google Play and the Apple App Store

Design templates

  • Easily set up highly curated, connected digital storefronts
  • Populate pages with inventory information sourced directly from Dynamics 365 Commerce Headquarters and available in pre-defined templates
  • Configure, manage, and expand your site with configurable content modules

Content management system with digital asset management

  • Facilitate workflows to automate your content across relevant channels and products
  • Simplify the management of content, including videos, images, or product descriptions, with a common set of data points
  • Define, configure, and link product images to descriptions imported from Dynamics 365 Commerce Headquarters
  • Use Dynamics 365 Authoring as the single point of access to control and publish your e-commerce sites

Whether you’re a traditional B2C retailer wishing to pivot to online selling, an existing ecommerce shop looking to optimize, or a B2B company seeking to create a better experience for customers, partners, and vendors, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can help get you there.