Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Automation to nurture leads, create customer journeys, and drive ROI at every touch point

Do your systems effectively generate enough leads? Is identification, tracking, and reporting of leads automated? Or maybe you need to move beyond email blasts to high-quality leads, ensuring every marketing effort — web updates, campaigns, newsletters, events, etc. — has ROI at its core.

With a custom implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing aligned to meet your specific growth strategies, ArganoArbela can help automate your marketing programs. We’ll equip you with the technology, tools, and training that ensures you get the most from every prospect, campaign, lead nurture, and customer journey tool that is available in Dynamics 365.

  • Manage marketing at every touchpoint—social, mobile, chatbots, web, or catalog
  • Track multichannel campaigns, including SMS integration, LinkedIn
  • Create buyer journeys based on LinkedIn content and interactions
  • Segment leads with AI-based segmentation, lead-scoring models, and smart scheduling
  • Create and host surveys and collect responses

A dedicated marketing platform in Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a full-fledged marketing-dedicated solution designed to automate and optimize marketing tasks, events, and activities. It works seamlessly with other Dynamics solutions (e.g., Dynamics 365 Sales) and creates a feedback loop that builds more complete customer profiles.

Enhanced customer journeys that drive better engagement

Map out the transformation from lead to lifetime value. ArganoArbela will help you develop customer personas and create detailed customer journeys for every audience. These are not theoretical journeys “on paper” - they make the journey come alive with specific customer actions automatically triggering new activities.

Generate and score leads

Keep the top of your sales funnel filled with MQLs (marketing qualified leads) using Dynamics 365 Marketing’s automated lead capture and scoring mechanisms —  including the Dynamics connector for LinkedIn, which enables you to collect relevant, actionable lead info from LinkedIn in a single click.  ArganoArbela identifies the fastest paths in Dynamics to identify, engage, and disseminate your most high-value leads, and works with you to create lead conversion tactics that align perfectly with your revenue strategies.


Manage and monetize events

Events can be costly — and ROI hard to measure — but ArgnoArbela can design your Dynamics 365 Marketing platform to capture every data set possible to ensure every event you attend or host has the proper KPIs at every stage. From location to speaker management, online registrations, shipping, and on-site incentives, events have a spend at most every step: ArganoArbela will ensure maximum visibility on dollars out, dollars in.


Build and optimize multichannel campaigns

Use a drag and drop tool to easily create email nurture campaigns for every customer journey; use Dynamics 365 templates and tools to accelerate campaign development; target customers via SMS, on social, and on third-party sites. Creating measurable, multiple-touch, multichannel campaigns that feed data directly to sales reps has never been this easy.

Ready to see how Dynamics can turn your marketing efforts from capital expenditures into investments that generate consistent returns?